Organic Gardens

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Our gardens are grown organically in soil that is enriched with compost and other natural amendments.  We use raised beds, a high tunnel, field rows and small gardens placed all over the farm to grow our herbs, vegetables and flowers.


In early spring, we have lettuce, kale, radishes, chard, arugala, greens and potted plants.

Summer bursts on the scene with baskets over flowing with green beans, tomatoes, peppers, onions, leeks, herbs, cut flowers, sweet corn, cucumbers and squash.

Cynthia'sFarm2011-75The cool temperatures of fall bring in broccoli, greens, radishes, kale, chard and lettuce.

We sell our organic produce at the Cobblestone Farmer’s Markets and to restaurants and stores in the Triad area.

Please see our Purchasing Our Farm Products page to see where to buy our organic flowers and produce.