Heritage St. Croix Sheep

We maintain a flock of Heritage breed, St. Croix sheep.  St. Croix sheep are an all white, polled,  medium breed of hair sheep that are known for being parasite resistant.  The St. Croix breed is listed on the Slow Food Ark of Taste for their exceptionally favored lamb. Cynthia'sFarm2011-207 (1024x680) St. Croix sheep are “hair” sheep, meaning that instead of true wool that has to be shorn, they have a hair coat that is shed each spring.  St. Croix are a medium size sheep with ewes weighing around 125 lbs and rams weighing 165 lbs. Ewes usually have twin lambs but triplets are not unusual. St. Croix were first brought to the Caribbean via West Africa.  The first St. Croix were imported into the USA in the 1960s to develop the Katahdin sheep breed.  A second group was imported into the USA in 1975 and these animals were kept pure.The St. Croix breed is recognized as “threatened” by the Livestock Conservancy because less then 1000 animals are registered each year. Cynthia'sFarm2011-48 (1024x670) Sheep & Lamb For Sale-we sell lamb at our farmer’s markets and we also sell St. Croix breeding stock. Please call or email for availability.                                      Phone:  (Home) 336-699-2677,  (cell) 336-813-1421    Email: glasscoecg@aol.com St. Croix Hair Sheep Breeders Cynthia'sFarm2011-195 (1024x680)