Heritage Poultry

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We are members of the Sustainable Poultry Network, a group of poultry breeders who are dedicated to raising standard bred poultry.  We raise Barred Plymouth Rocks and Black Javas and we also have Muscovy ducks and Guinea fowl.

Plymouth Rock chickens are an old, Heritage breed of poultry that are used for both Cynthia'sFarm2011-63 (1024x747)meat and eggs.  There are many varieties (white, buff, partridge, Columbian) of Plymouth Rocks but the Barred Rock is the original variety.

Barred Rocks are docile, cold hardy, can go broody and are excellent producers of brown eggs and flavorful meat. Barred Rock hens weigh around 6.5-7 lbs and cocks are 8.5-9 lbs.  they are listed as “recovering” with the Livestock Conservancy.

Cynthia'sFarm2011-39 (1024x973)Javas are considered the second oldest breed of chicken in America.  The Black Java  is a variety of the Java breed.  Black Javas are shiney black appearing to have bottle green and purple in their plumage when in bright sunlight. Javas are good layers of brown eggs and produce a plump carcass making them a dual meat and egg bird. Javas are listed as “threatened” on the Livestock Conservancy list.


Chicks, keets and ducklings-We hatch Barred Plymouth Rock and Black Java chicks in the spring and fall.  We usually have a waiting list, so please call us to place an order and to discuss when you want your chicks.  Phone:  (Home) 336-699-2677,             (cell) 336-813-1421

We also some times have Guinea keets and Muscovy ducklings for sale.