About the Farm

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The Billy Place Farm is a unique piece of land which borders the NC Pilot Mountain State Park on the Yadkin Island side of the river. The farm has roots that travel back to the late 1700’s. Owned by the Martins, the farm was named after William (Billy) Martin who was born in the early 1800’s. The Martin heritage continued until about 1944 when my dad William Johnson bought 106 acres of the pristine land.

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The farm once hosted a grist mill, a blacksmith shop, a liquor still, and a large two story log home. There was no well, and people carried water from a spring; that is, until 1990 when I, Cynthia Glasscoe, arrived with my family to reclaim overgrown fields and washed out roads, and here I am farming the land again.


Now the farm is home to:
  • organic gardens
  • heirloom vegetables
  • flowers
  • flocks of heritage poultry, turkey, guinea, sheep
  • and lots of dogs
I love sharing the beauty of the woods, creeks and rolling pastures. You’re welcome to visit the farm by appointment.
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